More poignant words haven't been said...

More poignant words haven't been said since Clara Peller declared "Where's the Beef?" in the 1980s. Let's face it, our lives are full of so many time sucking tasks and flashy electronics that whole weeks pass by before we look out of our windows. Sometimes this means we don't spend enough time with our children before they leave for college or realize our spouse has left before it's too late. And we also don't take the time to write.

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Your brain synapses probably won't flash an idea while you're watching the latest Lifetime "Men Hater" movie or a marathon of Storage Wars . Ideas come from turning the TV off, stepping outside the house, and taking everything in. Even the most minor interaction can spur on an idea for a song, short story, novel, or play. Think about all of the creative people you admire. Do you think they came up with their ideas while the TV remained on just for sound?

Like I say in the title, every moment in time is precious. Don't waste it by flipping through the same channels over and over until you settle on something semi-watchable. Watch the world outside instead and be amazed at how time slows down for you.

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