Race mistakes to avoid

Running a race is a serious commitment, and runners can certainly enjoy themselves even if they are not at the front of the pack. However, most runners really want to ensure that they get the best out of their race, including improving their times. For beginners, this can be the main focus of their run, but they can upset it by making simple mistakes that prevent them from running the optimum race. In order to avoid these errors, runners will need to understand the common mistakes which can affect both professional and amateur race competitors.

1) Failure to Prepare Properly

Although most race participants have completed long training sessions for weeks before the race, and consider themselves fully fit, there are still some pre-race mistakes which can prevent a runner from getting the best out of their run. One of the most important, but still surprisingly neglected, is to ensure that muscles are properly pumped-up before a race. Warming-up needs to start around half an hour before the race starts, and all muscles need to be thoroughly warmed before running. A second big mistake is to not properly rest the body before running, by reducing the amount of miles run each day for the few days before the run. Exercise the muscles, but allow the body to repair itself so that you are running well on the day.

2) Failure to eat or drink well

There is a complicated balance between eating and drinking enough to fuel your body during the run, and not consuming so much that you make yourself unwell during the run. It is important to eat around 2 hours before the start of the race. The latter meal should be full of sugars and nutrients which the body will be using during the run. Water, with salt should be consumed during the race in order to avoid muscles cramping. Athletes often eat nuts just before the race in order to prevent muscles seizing up while running.

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3) Starting Too Quickly

Another common error in running is the fast start. Although amateurs might feel stronger at the beginning, you will be using up too much energy, and this could slow you down when it comes to the end of the race. In order to avoid running quickly, try to keep out of the way of faster athletes, and keep your eye on the time. Running faster than anticipated during the first mile is an indicator that you need to slow down.

4) Wearing New Shoes

Almost everyone knows not to wear new shoes on special days, or when doing physical activity, but a surprising number of runners still turn up to a race with a new, completely unused pair of trainers. Although the trainers might have been designed for optimum performance, they can cause rubbing, chafing and even blisters once the race starts. Avoid new clothes completely.

5) Not Being Ready

A race will start at a specific time, with or without you, so it is important to be on the line when the race begins. Make sure to arrive in plenty of time, possibly at least an hour before the start, and know where to go. Bring everything you need with you to the start line.

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