7 Steps To More Self Love

Don't forget to love yourself.

But oh, how often we do.

In fact, most of us never come to the place of self-love at all.

We complain about our bodies, we hate our minds and feel miserable with our entire selves.

We look at magazine covers, compare ourselves to thin girlfriends or colleagues, watch TV and all we see is us being wrong, inadequate and not up to par.

Yet, once we come to a place of radical, intimate self-love, everything changes. We suddenly see our beauty, our worth and our awesomeness. And in that moment, we cannot fathom how blind we've been for all those years.

Ive lived through both of these emotional states in the past decade or so. As I struggled with anorexia, I hated myself from the crown of my head to the tip my toes. I wanted to be anyone but myself and did everything to escape the she'll I was born in.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't work and my starving myself almost ended fatally.

Today, I love myself. I accept my flaws and have turned them into my strengths. I've stopped the chase after someone elses definition of perfection and beauty and I've formulated my own. Now, I'm pleasing and fulfilling myself and nobody else.

The cool thing is that everybody can come to this place of self-love and self-awareness. All it takes is commitment, self-compassion and patience. And maybe a tiny bit of belief.

Curious? Heres how you can get started.

1. Challenge Yourself

Instead of competing with others to match the ridiculous beauty ideal of our times, compete with yourself to be the best version of who you truly are. Shed all the layers of conformity and return to your truest core.

Give yourself a 30-day challenge or so to find your own definition of beauty, happiness and fulfillment. Then take one step a day to move closer to this goal.

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2. Date Yourself

Take yourself out for date-nights every week and get to know yourself again. What do you like? What kind of music makes you want to dance and what kind gets under your skin? What kinds of food do you find truly delicious? Which dreams for the future do you have and which adventure would you like to experience?

Treat yourself to a day at a spa and have others pamper you from head to toe. Give in to relaxation and rejuvenation and let your mind wander. Spend time with yourself journaling or simply sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. Learn a new skill or take up the hobby you've always wanted to do.

Youll see how much more intimate and loving your relationship with yourself will get in just a few weeks.

3. Educate Yourself

Find out more about all the tricks the media and beauty industry uses to make us feel horrible about ourselves. Youll be surprised by what you learn and maybe even slightly shocked. However, this knowledge will empower you and give you the chance to reject advertisements and manipulations. Awareness is the first step to more self-love.

4. Feed Yourself

Nutrition is a super important factor of self-love. By eating the right kinds of food, you'll feel energized, invigorated, balanced and happy. Try to eat whole, organic and unprocessed foods. Dont go overboard and deny yourself all the goodies life offers, but be conscious of what goes into your body and what nurtures your mind.

5. Move Yourself

Your body adores movement and needs it. So, give it what it wants and treat it to some form of physical activity every single day. You don't have to kill yourself with some monstrous exercise program. Find something you enjoy and that makes you want to do it over and over and over again.

6. Prioritize Yourself

Its all good and well to think of others, but don't forget to think of yourself. Set clear boundaries and let others know that you're a priority in your life. This step may take some adjusting, but it's so rewarding. By learning to say no to others, you'll create more margin for self-care and self-love. Youll clear your head and relax. Theres no need to feel guilty. Youre deserving and worthy of love, attention, time and care.

7. Learn From Yourself

Listen to your bodys signals, tune into your intuitive mind and learn from it. Your body is smart, your subconscious is smarter. They know what you need, what scares you, what excites you and what annoys you. Work with them. Mediate or practice mindfulness and be open to new revelations.

Self-love and self-care are not rocket science. You can slowly and gently ease into them and they'll welcome you like their lost child you are. Start your journey back home today with one tiny step, one little action and you'll soon arrive.

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