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So today I am going to share my high school experience. Mostly just what I have learned these past four years. Since so many of my followers are younger than I am, I thought this might be an interesting/helpful post for you guys! This is probably going a pretty wordy post so get ready. Maybe I'll throw in a few pictures for you enjoyment haha.

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The first major thing I learned was to be myself. Just to simply love myself for who I am.

Entering high school I was far from being super confident. Don't get me wrong, I still have my insecurities, but I've grown to be comfortable in my own skin.

I'm hopefully going to make a more in-depth post about confidence and loving yourself. I did want to touch on it in this post because it was something thatIhave been affected by in high school.

Work Ethic

One thing I learned the hard way in high school was to work hard. When I first transitioned into high school I thought it couldn't be that much harder than middle school. But I quickly learned that it in factis harder. High school is definitely a lot more work. I had a hard time adjusting to all of this and began to slack, which showed in my grades. Now, after experiencing all four years of high school, I can say I have learned (not the easy way) the importance of having a strong work ethic and trying your absolute best.

The one tip I would give to anyone entering high school: your grades are more important than you may think right now. Even though things may be very different and overwhelming always do the very best you can.

Being "cool"

When you're in high school things will change. There will be drinking, partying, drugs, relationships and peer pressure. Although you may feel compelled to try all these new "cool" things, Don't. Never feel like you have to do something if you're not comfortable with the situation. I'm not saying never ever do these things,it is 100% your choice what you do. What I am saying is, don't do things just because your friends are, make sure you actually want to.And especially don't do anything to be "cool", "'popular", or even "normal". I wouldn't even consider these words to be real. None of them matter.

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to think for yourself.


This one is pretty simple but i thought it was worth sharing.

You will gain friends, loose friends, people will change and you will see different sides of them.

This one kind of relates to above. Everyone is growing and maturing into the person they are going to be. Sometimes friendships end simply because you're become different people.

Side Note: I'm not sure how your school is, but in my city there is just one middle school moving into one high school. So I pretty much already knew everyone. But, if your city isn't like that don't be afraid! Everyone is just as nervous as you are and I guarantee you'll have a bunch of new friends in no time.

I'm not trying to scare anyone with this post. High school can also be a lot of fun! I just thought it would be different and interesting to share things from this point of few.

Also!! If any of you ever have any questions, problems, or just want to talk, feel free to send me a message. I know school can be stressful at times. Especially the first day of high school!

To be honest, even if you need to talk about something not school related,I'd love to help!

That is all I have to share today! I hope you guys found thing helpful in someway!

As always, Thank you for reading!

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