Week 10 Catch Up and AdultSwim

My apologies for today's tardy post, as well as the lack of an update from the previous week. My mind has been focused for the past few weeks toward advancing my career, which has been quite time consuming. I'm certainly hoping the effort will be matched by the success. I'd love to share more on the topic, but will refrain until I have a more definitive plan.

I also recently celebrated my birthday, which apparently for some reason thought was code for eat whatever and how much you want. I ran the gamut this week meatloaf and mashed potatoes, burgers, donuts, fries, wings you name it, I scoffed it down. Oh and the beers and drinks. And after it all, I was more tired and sick to my stomach. Guess my body really isn't cut out for the junk food fests anymore, which is a good thing. I'm definitely detoxing with some cleaner meals this week, starting with some salads and measured portions of healthy meals and snacks.

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My gym definitely got free money over the past month. I really need to rekindle the strong relationship I had with it before. I loved it while I was there and working out, but I slipped and never got back into it. That changes this week.

For those of you who know me well, you know I can't swim. Now that may come as a shock to most of you as I grew up in a community on the water for a significant portion of my life. I just never learned for a variety of reasons; my dad almost drowned in a pool after both legs cramped and he couldn't surface, which prohibited my brother and I from learning to swim, and even when I tried to learn around age 5, I was terrible at it and never correctly taught. Fast forward to last year my fiance tried her best to teach a stubborn student with limited success. At least she taught me how to float!

So being just stubborn enough to want to learn, I contacted a close friends dad to see if he could help me over this life hurdle. He happily agreed, and I'm glad he did. Weve realized some great success so far to the point that I can go under water without holding my nose and pick things up off the bottom of the shallow end. I was really pumped after Saturdays session, and I'm looking forward to more. And for those adults out there that don't know how to swim it's never too late to learn. Lots of communities offer adult swim lessons, which if you don't have someone who can teach you one on one, provides a great option.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the hometown Jonesport-Beals Royals took home the state championship and put the 10th boys basketball gold ball in the trophy case. Very proud of them.

Back on the horse to finish strong in Dr. Lous Weight Loss Challenge and continue my adventure to getting healthy! I'll check in with the weight update next week.

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