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God has a way of changing hearts. With a changed heart, comes a changed mind. I have been here before. On the brink of a new journey, a new challenge. But yet, this time, I know that it is different. This time, these changes will stick and my life will be unrecognizable to the me that lives in the past. I have waited and fooled around and forgot about everything that I wanted to accomplish. Life sometimes gets in the way of our dreams and goals. We sometimes feel that dreaming isn't a reality. But, that couldn't be farther from the truth. God gives us these dreams that will manifest themselves in our life if we let them. And by let, I mean work hard, stay focused, and pursue with diligence and faith. God has promises that he wants to fulfill in our lives but can't do it if we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is so important to take a step back and evaluate where you are in your life. I did that around New Years and thought I was on the right track. It fizzled out within a matter of a month. Now, I am at this starting line again, but it is not the same race. This time, I have a clear vision for my life and a concise plan of how I am going to get there. However, my way of doing things may not necessarily be God's way. That is where faith comes into play. I was taught at an early age about faith by my mother who has crazy faith. When she believes for something, she is so sure that it is going to happen, she doesn't worry, fret, or even focus on it. It just happens! That is so amazing to me. God hears our prayers, he knows our hearts, and he can recognize faith. I have seen faith work miracles in my life as well as in my family's lives. I have faith that this time, it will be different. I am starting fresh with a new plan for my life. I see my dreams coming to pass faster than I ever thought possible.

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For those of you that have been following my story whether on this blog, through Facebook, on Twitter, or even on Instagram, you know that for me, consistency did not come easy. Healthy one day, not so healthy the next. Today that changes. I have started a video blog on Youtube that will help me to stay focused on my dreams and goals while sharing with the viewers about the many things that come with being a healthy individual in your mind, body, and spirit. There will be topics on beauty with tutorials, inspirational segments that encourage thought and reflection, and healthy living lifestyle guides. I feel that I have a ton of things to say about life's journey that hasn't been said. I am ready to take you on an adventure where we explore the many aspects of life. I am, by no means, an expert but we can live and learn together. My goal is to explore, learn, educate, and inspire. So, come along with me on my journey called life!

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

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