When Life Gives You Lemons

So after going back and forth with my boyfriend, about getting this abortion or keeping it; I kept it. This wasn't a decision I made but basically a little voice I heard that said keep it. After hearing that I'll be honest I thought I was going crazy! I mean any other time I went through situations or asked a question it seemed as if I would never get an answer or response; but two days before I was supposed to get the abortion; I was told to keep it.

So many emotions we're going through my head and I wasn'tsure how things would turn out for me or with my boyfriend and I felt like I was by myself and didn't know which direction or way to turn. After the decision to keep it, so many things started to happen. My relationship between my boyfriend and I was so rocky, I was always sick and I missed a lot of work, my family was not happy with my decision and wanted me to move back to the place in which I grew up; Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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I felt like the world was caving in on me, and to make it worse five months into my pregnancy I was put on bed rest. That day really woke me up. For over a year and a half I depended on this company and now I had to figure out what I was going to do for the next 4-5 months.

For over a year and a half I depended on a company to take care of me and I gave them so much power over my life that when this happened I was stuck. I didn't have my own insurance outside of the company, wasn't sure what type of income I could gain on my own; and stressed about paying bills. Not a good feeling! Pregnancy is supposed to be happy and joyful, but I felt like for the first five months, all I did was stress. Stress about my job, my relationship, my family, what people said about me, or thought about me.

Then one day it finally hit me. I had to ask myself these questions, are you living your life to please others? Are you living the purpose that God has set out for you? Are you giving 100% back to yourself and not a company? All these answers we're NO! I was so worried about what others would say or thought that I wasn't embracing this wondering and awesome responsibility that was given to my boyfriend and I. Having the chance to bring a life into this world and teach them to be something great is what most humans wish for.

Living within my purpose, No I wasn't. Yes I went to church but my relationship with him had taken a backseat and when that happens, he definitely removed somethings that was taking more on my attention. Lastly, giving 100% to a company that only sees your worth of being less than 65%. These are warning signs and wake up calls of how will I survive if I have to live off of 60%-65% of my income. This was a scary moment! Well start having a side income, was something that was brought to my attention.

I know most of you are wondering how am I supposed to do that?! Internet Marketing!!!

Most people look at Internet marketing as a spam or not possible, and I did at one point as well. It was out of my comfortable zone, but sometimes you need to shake your life up and try something new. EN gave me that outlet. The freedom to not stress during my pregnancy, know that even if I did go back to work; there was still income streaming in on top of what I we're making at my job. I'm telling you for someone that never thought about entrepreneurship and graduated from undergrad and working on her masters; I have learned more within this business then my entire 6-7 years of college.

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