Looking back at the last year...

I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I'm okay with that. I've made a lot of changes in my life in the past few years. Now I'm ready to tackle more.

The happiness project. I'm kicking it off today.

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I'm also returning to my roots of low cab and working to correct the damage I've done in the past few days. How quickly that can happen.

For the first time in my adult life, I am within reach of my weight goal. My "lose the weight for bathing suit season" is actually what I need to do.

New year. New day. New start. It is arbitrary, but it's a system that can work. Out with the old,in with the new. Don't look back, don't judge. Don't worry, don't fret.

So many things I want to do. Personally. Professionally.

Maintain this blog. Maintain one for the store. If I make time to do it, it will happen. The onus is on me. I'm the one who does or doesn't do the writing. I can compose in my head in the shower, driving down the road all I want, but I have to do the work.

Do the work. I just have to do the work.

Same is true for a blog for the store. Share the ideas that I have. Make folks connect. It will happen. It will make it all better.

Do the work for me, too. Get back into exercising. Six weeks to the half marathon. I want to be able to do some running for it. I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

Two and a half months to 45. This is not going to be my undoing.

The happiness project. Capitalize it, to make it more real? The Happiness Project. Others have done this, but I see my way to happiness a tad bit different. I may not know what the road leads to, but I think it's the one I want to travel.

The store. The list there is so long. That process starts today, too. Lots of pieces of paper, lots of things to go through. Nearly 15 years worth. Cleaning out, passing it along.

My goals are so many, I'm not sure I can start listing them without being overwhelmed. More and more I look around and say "that I want to change that" and wonder what I'm wanting to stay the same.

It starts today. Happy New Year. 2014.

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The year looks like a tribute to love. 2 and 14 being what we know as the date for love. Two oh fourteen. Not my original observation, but now all I can see. I will love more this year, because that is one thing I have limitless capacity for. To love and be loved (in a kingdom by the sea).

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