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It scares me how random decisions can effect the course of ones life. Most of the time you know you are making a life changing decision, like which university to attend, which city to live inm whether ti say yes or no to the guy on his knee with a ring in front of you. Those decisions aren't the scary ones though because we know they are big, so we give them the weight they deserve, or at least we know we should.

The decisions that scare me are the ones we don't even realize we are making, that go on to change everything. Like deciding which way to go home may be the decision to have a car accident and have t spend years in rehabilitation, or deciding which class you will take on your timetable may be the decision to have an amazing tutor who believes in you and pushes you into your dream career, or going to a certain party on a certain night may be the decision to meet your best friend/ lover/soul mate.

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Most of the times these seemingly meaningless decisions will be just that, meaningless, but sometimes they change absolutely everything. Sometimes it is for the better, sometimes it is for the worse and sometimes it is just different. The scary part about it is that we never know which tiny decision will be the one that causes the domino affect and so there is nothing we can do from changing it. I told you it's scary.

]This is my story about the smallest decision that went on to change the next 5 years of my life, and my story forever.

I was 19 years old and I had been working at a store called Red Dot just near my house. The tiny little shopping complex I was in held nothing but a grocery store and a few specialty stores. Mostly our customers were the elderly and the poor and mostly my job was to put stock out and make sure teenagers didn't steal anything. On this fateful day I was coming back from getting my lunch when I saw a guy I had worked with at a different store when I first left school. I pondered for a moment if I should go say hi and decided on the detour.

"Hi Bob (name changed), how have you been? I said

"Hey Beth, long time no see"

I'm not going to lie, I don't remember the exact conversation but after some pleasantries and catching up, he got my number and told me I should come out with the old crew from our old work. And so the first domino fell.From there he text me and I hung out with "the old crew" a few times, I sparked up a friendship with Sarah (name changed) and we started hanging out together just around the time she turned 18. And so the second domino fell. We became best friends and one night we went to a gig where I met Sam (name changed), we danced that night and kissed. And so the third domino fell. For the next 3 years I was in an on again-off again relationship with Sam and in the mean time introduced Sarah to my other best friend Jane (you know the drill), for those three years my life was completely surrounded by these people. Everything came back to them. When those three years we're over I stopped talking to the guy and my two best friends stopped talking to me. All the dominoes came tumbling down. The whirlwind was over and I was left with my first heartbreak, a lot of funny stories and down one lifelong friend.

All because I decided to say hi to an old colleague in a store.

Sometimes I genuinely wonder what would have happened if I had decided to walk past him that day. My story of my first hear break would be a completely different story, or maybe it wouldn't have happened yet? My memories of crazy drunk times at amplifier may be replaced with crazy drunk times somewhere else, or maybe I wouldn't have drunk so much at all? The person I had been best friends with since I can remember might still be my friend, or maybe something else would have come between us?

It's so scary that life hinges on the tiniest of decisions. How many pass us everyday, changing everything and we have no idea? How many random factors come into us being at certain places at certain times? How little control do we really have over anything?

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