Quitting is never easy.

Get the gist? I and you don't want to be thinking about quitting anything, quitting and losing both have negative connotations that for reasons beyond words impact your goals being successful.

- Lets Turn this on it's head, I am now smoke free

Lets get specific, how the hell are you going to do this? What action do you need to take? What will motivate you to keep going?

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Often people say I'm going to go to the gym, or I'm going to walk the dog, go zumba ect.. all these steps are great and these will 100% support you with your goal if you keep them up, now why is it that many people do notmaintainthese excellent steps for health and fitness? It's because their goal is too distant and they haven't set enough short terms goals before which will aid them on their journey to their desired weight.

TIP Two: So with this in mind my number one recommendation is to sign up to multiple fitness challenges along the way. Lets say you set a 6 month time period for being your desired weight imagine how much more fun, effective and motivating it will be when you SUCCEED in completing challenges you thought impossible beforehand with other people.You also have a greater goal to motivate you along the way because of the fear of not being fit enough to complete the challenge. This is one of the best ways to get motivated and I have found this incredibly effective with the people I work with and myself.

After the 6 months once you've done these challenges, worked out loads and your eating real healthy, set a new fitness challenge far harder than the ones you've already done, you've now got a new healthy hobby, you'll look and feel how you want and can be even fitter and healthier than ever before.

Examples of challenges: 5 10 K run/ Half/full Marathons / Triathlons / Cycle events / Tough mudder style events long and short / Sponsored Swims.

Number three : Get a personal trainer or a committed training partner

When someone else relies on you to train with them, we don't like letting people down, it's human nature. So for those cold, dark winters mornings, or hot, sleepy afternoon days what better way to keep you committed to training than working out with a committed friend or personal trainer. Personally I think a good personal trainer is a great starting point for someone with little experience beforehand and the relationship needs only be for a month or so. The main reasons for this is a personal trainer will teach you the right exercise and workout programs to do, so you don't get injured, waste time, staymotivatedand maximise your efficiency and success, once you've learnt the ropes it's time to be released into the wild and start building your knowledge with a strong foundation of learning and experience.

Tip Four:Knowledgeenhancement become a student of the game

Become a expert, there is so much information on-line on youtube and health and fitness websites to support you from recipes, exercise demonstrations, free blogs like this, accounts by people who have completed amazing challenges and embody healthy living. Become a true student, some stuff will really enhance your training, some will not be as useful and if it's not useful at least you've learned how you don't want to do it.

Tip five: Start Today

Procrastination sucks, F**k starting next week or finishing this pack ofcigarettesbecause you have no doubt you've said this before and It didn't help, start today, start now and get this new healthy habit in your systemimmediately this is what winners and successful people do and you will succeed and achieve your goals if you carry this ethos.

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