Treating Alcoholism and Relapse: New Approaches

People who have undergone rehabilitation for substance abuse used to believe that self-discipline and will power we're all it took to prevent themselves from a relapse, or from returning to heavy substance abuse. However, new studies have shown that the chances of a patient to experience relapse may not all be due to a weak mental and emotional control. The study showed that increasing a certain protein in the brain can actually curb the tendency of the patient to relapse.

Protein with pleasure

One of the important things about this new study is the fact that increasing the protein did not have any side effects. Another positive aspect of the research is that the operation did not affect the other pleasure-seeking parts of the brain. This means that the patient who has does not feel the craving for alcohol or drugs can still develop pleasure over eating sweets or other foods.

Enough is enough

This brain protein that was said to be linked to the occurrence of relapse is called GDNF (glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor). The scientific research was first done in 2005. These findings bear great importance, not only for the medical world, but for society as well. The effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the socioeconomic status have been expensive and devastating. According to him, the need to find therapy is increasingly great. Unfortunately, the several approved medications for alcoholism we're having their own drawbacks. This is why the discovery of the GDNF is proving to be most significant.

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The protein is increased through oral medication.

Concentrate on you

Relapse is often a scary word for the addict who had just gotten out of rehab as well as to his family and loved ones. To make things worse, there are many statistics, graphs and numbers out there that promise to give you the skinny regarding how many addicts and alcoholics fall into relapse, and how many of them stay sober. Some rehabs increase the recovery rate to get more patients. Do not believe these numbers to be the ultimate truth. At one point, an estimate was done and found that 80% of the alcoholics who recovered in a year did so without going to a rehab.

However, a little help is necessary sometimes and we need professionals to keep us in line.

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