This luxurious beauty lounge offers Laser Hair Removal, Spa and Salon services. Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge’s team of professional advisors, estheticians and hairstylists will pamper and inspire you. Come lounge in luxury.

Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge believes that client experience is everything. We’re committed to delivering amazing results in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Luxe treatments and procedures feature top brands and a dedicated team of professionals who love what they do.

Our Spa services include Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Skin Treatments & more. Spa packages are available as well. Salon services feature professional Cuts, Styling and Color.

For those interested in our Laser Hair Removal Service we offer a variety of options for men and women including multi-session packages.

Our Laser Hair Removal Service features the state of the art Soprano XL system. This Laser Hair Removal system works on all skin types and allows you to return to normal immediately… no down time. The removal process is virtually pain free and boasts minimal to no side effects.

All of Luxe Laser and Beauty’s offerings take place in the lap of luxury. A truly beautiful and relaxing environment. Contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment.


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Exactly Why to Decide on Luxe laser and beauty lounge?

Around Luxe laser and beauty lounge we all look at being a luxury spa very earnestly. We understand that unquestionably when folks are browsing for a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay people want the ideal. This is exactly why we do attempt to stay the greatest luxury spa we all could possibly be within Ontario. It's our resolve to truly remaining the winner that has gained all of us such high esteem with our own customers.

Being a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay all of us furthermore invariably aim to spend some time to understand all our customers problems patiently and with absolutely no delay. We without fail make time. We think it's extremely essential to ensure that buyers feel truly recognized and even looked after.

There are truly not a lot of luxury spa that hold the skill set plus experience to market their business as a pioneer inside their niche. Blend that in with our very high level of consumer services and we really feel we absolutely are the perfect first-rate luxury spa in North Bay inside Ontario.

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Everthing begins with a quick phone call.

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We are happy to examine your present luxury spa needs in greater detail on the phone or via e mail in case that works better for you. Next we can easily recommend the option that very best meets your present circumstances. Discover exactly why folks describe us as the ideal first-rate luxury spa in North Bay!

Still Need Convincing? Different Outstanding Reasons Luxe laser and beauty lounge is actually A Hair Salon In North Bay

Commitment to Elite Excellence - A Luxury Spa In North Bay ON and A Laser Hair Removal Service In North Bay

Our commitment to good quality is actually incredibly high. For anyone looking to become a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay or a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, there's seriously not one other option but to really give it your best possible in order to shine. If perhaps a particular client demands further time, we give that particular consumer additional attention. Almost anything to be able to be confident they will be ecstatic with us as a luxury spa. Realize, we do support almost all of Ontario, and so you should get in touch.

Determination - A North Bay Based Salon and A Nail Salon In North Bay

Many clients have often referred to our services as a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay and the best Ontario area luxury spa there is! That will not come about unless there is unbelievably diligent labor and dedication to the all-important consumers and also the quality found in your end result. Anytime you might be searching for a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, all of us honestly believe that we're really the better choice. Phone Luxe laser and beauty lounge to explore your situation immediately! 705-497-5555 x507.

Knowledge - A Biosculpture Salon In North Bay and A Beauty Salon In North Bay

With almost any sector, expertise definitely is a major ingredient affecting end results. In case you may be wanting a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, well then this fact is usually more accurate. With being a luxury spa, we can easily explain to you decisively that the actual end result is categorically influenced simply by the practical experience of the business that you are hiring. The very massive degree of past experience that Luxe laser and beauty lounge offers in being a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, is certainly the reason you must invest in all of us with your critical needs. If perhaps you happen to be looking to get a first-rate luxury spa in North Bay, think about Luxe laser and beauty lounge. Definitely consult with all of us ASAP.

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We do not like to get under quoted. No need to pay ridiculous costs merely because you failed to approach all of us. Sure you were given an outstanding cost already? You should be utterly assured? Consult any of us. You may simply learn that we're in fact more suitable value. Countless clientele have before.

Choosing exactly which luxury spa to work with is a crucial decision. Choose a well informed choice. You will want to discuss with us with zero commitment to recognise if we are in fact the optimal luxury spa for your requirements.

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