This luxurious beauty lounge offers Laser Hair Removal, Spa and Salon services. Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge’s team of professional advisors, estheticians and hairstylists will pamper and inspire you. Come lounge in luxury.


Christina Winters

Owner/ Laser Technician

Alisha Campaner

Spa Manager

Marsha Shiverdecker

Medical Esthetician

Tessa Mbolekwa

Stylist & Colour Specialist

Rebecca Grimes


Dakota Davies


Jill Trnka

Stylist & Colour Specialist

Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge believes that client experience is everything. We’re committed to delivering amazing results in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Luxe treatments and procedures feature top brands and a dedicated team of professionals who love what they do.

Our Spa services include Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Skin Treatments & more. Spa packages are available as well. Salon services feature professional Cuts, Styling and Color.

For those interested in our Laser Hair Removal Service we offer a variety of options for men and women including multi-session packages.

Our Laser Hair Removal Service features the state of the art Soprano XL system. This Laser Hair Removal system works on all skin types and allows you to return to normal immediately… no down time. The removal process is virtually pain free and boasts minimal to no side effects.

All of Luxe Laser and Beauty’s offerings take place in the lap of luxury. A truly beautiful and relaxing environment. Contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment.


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Reasons to Pick Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge?

Here at Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge all of us look at being a luxury spa very earnestly. All of us know that any time folks are browsing for a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay people prefer the finest. Unendingly we attempt to be the smartest luxury spa we can be in Ontario. It is really our commitment to absolutely becoming the best that has garnered us all such high respect here with our own patrons.

As a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay we all of course invariably aim to take the time to answer every consumers issues with great patience and with absolutely no delay. We all invariably take time. All of us really feel that it is really important to ensure that customers feel truly recognized and even taken care of.

There are truly not very many luxury spa which own the correct knowledge combined with know how to market their service as a pioneer of their business. Combine that with our very high level of client assistance and we really feel we are the best trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay around Ontario.

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We'll be delighted to go over your present luxury spa questions in more detail on the phone or perhaps via email if perhaps this works better for you personally. Next we can easily recommend the solution which perfectly fits your situations conditions. Find out the reason people today refer to us as the most effective trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay!

Continue to Require Enticing? Different Reasons Why Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge is A Hair Salon In North Bay

Commitment to Great Quality - A Luxury Spa In North Bay ON and A Laser Hair Removal Service In North Bay

Our loyalty to high-quality is exceptionally substantial. If you are trying to become a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay or a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, there is certainly in fact not one other alternative but to give it your absolute best in order to shine. Whenever a specific purchaser will require additional attention, we supply that particular client added care. Nearly anything to be certain they are satisfied with us all as a luxury spa. Don't forget, we do work with most of Ontario, therefore you should get in touch.

Dedication - A North Bay Based Salon and A Nail Salon In North Bay

Our consumers have often mentioned our services as a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay and furthermore the finest Ontario headquartered luxury spa there could be! This will not develop without amazingly hard toil in addition to persistence for the consumers and then the quality found within your work. If you might be searching to find a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, all of us really feel we're really the most effective solution. Phone Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge to go over your requirements now! 705-497-5555 x507.

Expertise - A Biosculpture Salon In North Bay and A Beauty Salon In North Bay

In any field, expertise is really a significant ingredient with regards to overall results. When you're needing a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, this fact can be still more true. Being a luxury spa, all of us can easily show anyone firsthand how the end result is certainly driven from the practical knowledge of the corporation that you have been hiring. The extremely substantial magnitude of working experience which Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge has got as a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, is actually precisely why you should entrust us with your invaluable requirements. If you will be searching for a trustworthy laser hair removal salon in North Bay, look into Luxe Laser & Beauty Lounge. Remember to contact all of us without delay.

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Choosing the right luxury spa to hire is a critical decision. Choose an educated selection. You can make contact with us all with simply no requirement to find out on your own if we all are actually the very best luxury spa for you.

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