This luxurious beauty lounge offers Laser Hair Removal, Spa and Salon services. Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge’s team of professional advisors, estheticians and hairstylists will pamper and inspire you. Come lounge in luxury.

Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge believes that client experience is everything. We’re committed to delivering amazing results in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Luxe treatments and procedures feature top brands and a dedicated team of professionals who love what they do.

Our Spa services include Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Skin Treatments & more. Spa packages are available as well. Salon services feature professional Cuts, Styling and Color.

For those interested in our Laser Hair Removal Service we offer a variety of options for men and women including multi-session packages.

Our Laser Hair Removal Service features the state of the art Soprano XL system. This Laser Hair Removal system works on all skin types and allows you to return to normal immediately… no down time. The removal process is virtually pain free and boasts minimal to no side effects.

All of Luxe Laser and Beauty’s offerings take place in the lap of luxury. A truly beautiful and relaxing environment. Contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment.


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Exactly Why to Consider Luxe laser and beauty lounge?

At Luxe laser and beauty lounge we take being a luxury spa exceedingly gravely. We recognize that truly when individuals are browsing to obtain a stellar luxury salon in North Bay people require the best. As a result we truly strive to be the greatest luxury spa we all possibly can be inside Ontario. It's our dedication to truly embodying the greatest that has garnered all of us our high esteem with each of our consumers.

As a stellar luxury salon in North Bay we all likewise continually attempt to take the time to respond to each of our clients concerns with great diligence and with no judgment. All of us always go to the effort. All of us feel that it is genuinely crucial to be certain clientele really feel valued and of course looked after.

There truly are not very many luxury spa that possess the skills coupled with background to label themselves as being front runner of their field. Merge this along with our high degree of client services and certainly we really feel we absolutely are the perfect stellar luxury salon in North Bay around Ontario.

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We will be thrilled to discuss your present luxury spa inquiries thoroughly on the phone or maybe by way of e-mail in case this is better for your needs. Following this we can easily propose the option that idealy meets your current requirements. Find out the reason people do describe us as the most effective stellar luxury salon in North Bay!

Even Now Want Convincing? Other Great Reasons Luxe laser and beauty lounge is truly A Hair Salon In North Bay

Dedication to Quality - A Luxury Spa In North Bay ON and A Laser Hair Removal Service In North Bay

Our commitment to top quality is particularly excessive. Should you be attempting to be a stellar luxury salon in North Bay or a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, there is truly no other route but to do your level best to shine. If perhaps a specified customer requires added time, we all grant this valued client further attention. Almost anything in order to be sure they are satisfied with all of us as a luxury spa. Always remember, we do work with almost all of Ontario, therefore please contact us.

Determination - A North Bay Based Salon and A Nail Salon In North Bay

Our purchasers have sometimes referred to our business as a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, a stellar luxury salon in North Bay combined with the best Ontario headquartered luxury spa that exists! That would not transpire unless there's amazingly hard labor plus commitment to your foundational customers and then the excellent quality of your product. If you will be shopping around to obtain a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, all of us absolutely contend that we're honestly the perfect choice. Phone Luxe laser and beauty lounge to look at your expections today! 705-497-5555 x507.

Knowledge - A Biosculpture Salon In North Bay and A Beauty Salon In North Bay

Within almost any sector, skill certainly is a key factor relating to end results. When you will be searching for a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, well then that is much more real. Being a luxury spa, we will certainly convey to you categorically how the ultimate end result is definitely dictated by the practical experience of the corporation you have been contracting. The undeniably huge volume of practical knowledge which Luxe laser and beauty lounge has got as a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, is certainly why anyone really should rely on all of us with your valued patronage. In case you will be browsing for a stellar luxury salon in North Bay, trust in Luxe laser and beauty lounge. Ensure you talk to all of us immediately.

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We will not be beaten. Just don't pay ridiculous costs just because you didn't speak to us all. Positive you were given an outstanding value already? Why not be totally confident? Speak with all of us. You may just discover that we are in truth most suitable value. Plenty of individuals have in the past.

Selecting the best luxury spa to hire is a critical challenge. Make a thought out call. Shouldn't you call all of us with no obligation to check if all of us are in fact the best luxury spa for your requirements.

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