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Laser Hair Removal, Skin Solutions, and Cosmetic Injections. Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge’s team of professional advisors, our here to educate you about your skin health and pamper you on your journey. Come lounge in luxury.

Luxe Laser and Beauty Lounge believes that client experience is everything. We’re committed to delivering amazing results in a luxurious and comfortable environment. Luxe treatments and procedures feature top brands and a dedicated team of professionals who love what they do.

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Luxe Laser and Beeauty Lounge is a private beauty lounge in North Bay , ON  founded on the principle that skin health should be accessible to everyone. With our knowledge of 18+ years in the skincare industry our goal is to help you feel confident in your skin. Each of our services are results focused and tailored to your skin’s unique needs because we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a natural confident glow.

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